Dr Michael Vagg

Since commencing in private practice 7 years ago, I have worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings, billing procedures, consultations, correspondence and reports. Access has consistently provided flexible, prompt service of an outstanding quality.
It may seem that seeing patients in Geelong and billing them from the other side of Melbourne may be cumbersome, but I have never found it a problem, and nor have my several thousand patients over these years. Bad debts have been few and far between considering the number of patients billed.

Dealings with insurers, WorkCover, TAC and Medicare have always been conducted with efficiency and very little hassle (at least on my part!). I have been quick to wholeheartedly recommend Julie and her team to colleagues considering establishing a private practice, big or small ( and I have been both in my time).

Access also provide my accountant with regular reports which makes tax returns and BAS statements much less effort. The accountant has been very impressed with the accuracy of the reconciliations provided by Access over the last few years that he has been dealing with them, and always mentions this when preparing the tax returns.It is a pleasure to recommend Julie and the team as your billing solution.

They have provided me, my patients and my practice with a flexible, accurate and highly valued service for over seven years and I have never looked back since choosing them as my billing agency.

Dr Michael Vagg

Consultant Rehabilitation Physician

Dr Sarah Spargo

Access Billing is a group of reliable professionals. Of particular note, Julie has taken the trouble to know and understand my personal preferences, and is thus able to take care of most difficulties without needing to involve me beyond a courtesy email.
I really appreciate how much time and bother this saves me!

Dr Sarah Spargo

Assistant Surgeon

Access Billing Promise!

  • To always deliver the highest standard of efficiency & service possible.

  • To process accounts in an accurate & timely manner

  • To handle all patient enquiries with courtesy & kindness

  • To treat all personal information with respect & confidentiality

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